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HS2 compensation scheme should be reviewed, says Residents’ Commissioner​

27 May, 2106

hs2 track from above_11 HS2 and the Department for Transport (DfT) should review the high-speed rail compensation scheme, the project’s Residents’ Commissioner has said in her latest report In her latest study, Deborah Fazan added that the project is still failing to engage with communities. She also said that the DfT and HS2 ought to review its compensation scheme and consider more flexibility in its arrangements. Fazan noted that acceptance rates for phase 2 compensation applications are lower than expected, at 42%. She adds that the…

DfT unveils compensation package for HS2 Phase 2a route​

26 May, 2016

A property compensation and financial assistance package for owner-occupiers along the HS2 Phase 2a route between the West Midlands and Crewe has been announced today. Owners-occupiers of homes and businesses positioned from 60-120m from the railway will be offered 10% of the unblighted value of their property, between £30,000 and £100,000, or the chance to sell their property at the unblighted value. Once the HS2 Bill receives Royal Assent, owner-occupiers within 300m of the line can apply for a homeowner payment worth…

HS2 line is ‘a £55bn vanity project that won’t boost the North’: Review calls for project to be halted so cheaper alternatives can be considered​

27 May, 2106

money 2 Controversial HS2 line will cost five times as much as its French equivalent Drawn major questions over whether the taxpayer will get value for money Scheme has been championed by PM David Cameron and George Osborne Accused of driving up financial and environmental costs without benefits  The controversial HS2 rail line will cost five times as much as its French equivalent and do little to help regenerate the North of England, experts warned yesterday. An academic review of the £55…

HS2 property schemes maps: Phase 2a West Midlands to Crewe​

26 May, 2016

train tunnel From:High Speed Two (HS2) LimitedFirst published:26 May 2016Part of:HS2 property schemes maps: from the West Midlands to Leeds and Manchester, Rail network and HS2: high speed rail These maps show the HS2 Phase 2a property schemes boundaries from the West Midlands to Crewe. Documents Key Plan Ref: PH2-HS2-LP-MAP-210-000039PDF, 22.8MB, 1 page The start of Phase Two after Phase One ends at Fradley Ref: PH2-HS2-LP-MAP-210-000021-P02PDF, 2.73MB, 1 page King’s Bromley and Pipe Ridware Ref: PH2-HS2-LP-MAP-210-000022-P02PDF, 2.73MB, 1 page Blithbury Ref: PH2-HS2-LP-MAP-210-000023-P02PDF, 2.48MB, 1 page Colton and Stockwell Heath Ref: PH2-HS2-LP-MAP-210-000024-P02PDF, 2.45MB, 1 page Great Haywood Ref: PH2-HS2-LP-MAP-210-000025-P02PDF, 2.6MB, 1 page Ingestre Ref: PH2-HS2-LP-MAP-210-000026-P02PDF, 2.69MB, 1…

HS2 will cost five times as much as similar line in France, says report​

money Transport experts say new Tours-Bordeaux route comes at a fraction of UK project’s cost, and alternatives should be considered HS2 will cost more than five times the amount being spent on an equivalent high-speed rail line in France, a group of transport experts has claimed. The academics said there were “much less costly and environmentally damaging” ways of boosting capacity on the rail network. They have published a report stating that the project will only provide “limited improvements” in connectivity. It…

HS2 and the railway network : the case for a review​

26 May, 2016

track and shadow To read the review written by Tony May and Jonathan Tyler with contributions from Richard Allsop, James Croll and Stephen Plowden click here

HS2 rail link ‘over-priced’ say transport experts​

25 May, 2016

train bridge 2 HS2 is an over-priced, gold-plated project and will fail in many of its objectives, a group of transport experts has warned. The academics support high-speed rail overall, but say HS2 is five times more expensive than its French equivalent. They argue that the benefits of HS2 can be achieved much more cheaply, with lower CO2 emissions, and they want their analysis examined by government. A spokesman for HS2 said options for bringing down costs were being studied. But the academics…

HS2 Ltd: Changing the Rules Locus Standi to Suit Themselves​

24 May, 2016

parliament exterior 5 The Government has explained why they have made 414 locus standi challenges against HS2petitioners in the House of Lords, following a question by Lord Tony Berkeley. Responding to his written question, Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon said: “The rules relating to locus standi are set out in the Lords Standing Orders for Private Business 114-118 and the basis for our decisions was included in a note that accompanied the challenge notices sent to petitioners last week. The note explained that individuals or businesses…

HS2 – Are there limits to commuting?​

24 May, 2016

????????????????????????????????????????? A report on how HS2 will affect London. Finding a suitable terminus will be a big part of that, something that is dependent on a number of factors. A critical one is exactly what sort of railway HS2 will actually be. This is something that depends on how closely it conforms (or doesn’t) to conventional assumptions about long distance travel. So in this article we consider a crucial question – just how much of a commuter railway is HS2 likely…

Alstom pitches double-decker trains for HS2​

24 May, 2016

double deck In what would be a railway first for the UK, French train manufacturer Alstom is set to pitch the idea of building double-decker trains to run on the 225mph HS2 line in order to maximise passenger benefits and bring down travel costs. The company, which hopes to land the £7.5bn rolling stock contract for the high-speed line, said a double-decker design would take advantage of the designated space much more effectively than single-level trains of the same height. Henrik Anderberg, acting managing…
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