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Ed Miliband Takes Doncaster’s HS2 Views To Transport Secretary Ed Miliband Takes Doncaster’s HS2 Views To Transport Secretary​

24 October, 2016

ed miliband Doncaster North MP Ed Miliband is meeting with Transport Secretary Chris Grayling this afternoon. Mr Miliband will be urging the Transport Secretary to change the route plan back to the original one. It's after residents in Mexborough, Sprotborough and Marr have been campaigning against the station being in Sheffield - rather than at Meadowhall. A final decision on the route is expected to be made next month. TRAXFM

HS2 Proposed platform height​

23 October, 2016

rail link Dear Hs2 Limited 1. What height is HS2 specifying for the height of platforms for:- a) captive trains; b) classic compatible trains? 2. Please could you provide the following documents:- a) CCD Design & Ergonomics Ltd. 2014. Passenger Boarding and Dwell Time Research Report P02. eB. 15 04 2014. P02. [C240-PBR-HF-REP-000-000004]. b) Design Triangle. Train Parameters Study, Design Triangle. eB. P03. [HS2-HS2-OP-REP-000-000002]. c) HS2 Ltd. 2014. D5 - Inclusive design policy. 2014. d) HS2 Ltd. 2012. HS2 Project Dictionary P02.4.…

HS2 Lords Select Committee – 24 October​

23 October, 2016

parliament exterior 4 Petitioner Session High Speed Rail (London - West Midlands) Bill (Lords) - Oral Evidence Session High Speed Rail (London - West Midlands) BillTime: 2.00pm Location: Room 4, Palace of Westminster

HS2: Results of survey on Hampstead Road Bridge options published​

21 October, 2016

cartmel 2 Results of a recent survey of residents living very close to Hampstead Road Bridge have been published. Residents of Cartmel, on the Regent’s Park Estate, were surveyed in August and September after HS2 Ltd published their latest proposal for Hampstead Road Bridge, which would raise its height by between 3.7 and 4.2 metres to bridge over existing and proposed railway lines. The Council’s concerns The Council has always been concerned about the impact Hampstead Road Bridge would have on Cartmel residents.…

Camden: Cartmel residents survey: Hampstead Road Bridge options​

21 October, 2016

cartmel flats Summary: Cartmel residents survey on HS2 Ltd’s Hampstead Road Bridge options Camden Council opposes plans for High Speed 2 (HS2) as currently proposed. If the government does go ahead with the scheme, Camden is committed to securing the best deal for our communities. The Council has always had concerns about the impact the proposed HS2 works would have on residents living in Cartmel. In December 2015 HS2 Ltd committed to undertake a study to look at ways of reducing the…

High Speed Rail in the Buckinghamshire area: Promoter Exhibits​

21 October, 2016

hs2 ltd These documents are the HS2 exhibits which may be used during Select Committee when hearing petitions from the Buckinghamshire area. Documents Section A: Location Maps and route summaries Ref: Regional location maps showing HS2 in the Buckinghamshire area.PDF, 14.5MB, 30 pages Section B: Design Elements Ref: Petitioner proposals for tunnel extensions and information on vent shafts, viaducts, construction compounds (CFA’s 7 – 13) and Stoke Mandeville Maintenance Loop.PDF, 8.67MB, 46 pages Section C: AONB Ref: HS2 in the Chilterns AONB, location maps, Chilterns AONB review group, ancient…

HS2 where every penny counts​

21 October, 2016

money 2 It is a truth universally acknowledged that the Department for Transport and HS2 Ltd are frightfully good at keeping the high-speed rail project within budget. The National Audit Office rarely speaks of anything else.  How then, we might be forgiven for wondering, did the budget grow from £33bn in 2012 to £55.7bn in 2015. Well, the devil is in the detail. Each week that passes provides insight into the driving costs down culture. The Department for Transport was advertising for graduates…

Fairford Leys Activity by HS2 Ltd​

20 October, 2016

aylesbury Readers may already be aware of the unexpected intrusions by HS2 Ltd at Fairford Leys in October. Here are some extracts from the 51m website posted on 10 October: Back in January Aylesbury MP, David Lidington, slammed the ‘consistently poor and incompetent engagement from HS2 Ltd’ while addressing fellow MPs in Westminster. He was appearing in front of the HS2 select committee. At the time he said: “I started by talking about the consistently poor and incompetent engagement from HS2 Ltd with…

Can HS2 ever be the solution?​

20 October, 2016

eggs Simon Jenkins’ excellent article in today’s Guardian ably exposes the delusion of believing vastly expensive infrastructure projects such as HS2 will have a transformative impact on traffic congestion. 97% of all journeys are by road. That may be less than desirable but it’s where we are starting from as a nation. Increasing train passenger numbers each year have been used to suggest lines such as the West Coast Mainline will be full within a decade; naturally with HS2 trotted out…

Stop obsessing about planes and trains, and start using roads better​

20 October, 2016

traffic 1 Infrastructure is the new kale. It is the latest fad on the block. Every politician wants more of it. To Labour and Tory, TUC and CBI, infrastructure is the acceptable face of borrowing and spending. All will be well if we just pour billions into concrete. But for what?  Earlier this month I set out to drive from Darlington to Hull. A sign directed me south to the A1(M), but it did not add that the motorway was closed at…
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