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Hillingdon Outdoor Activities Centre will not be relocated and could close for good if HS2 work starts​

25 October, 2016

hillingdon lake A government decision not to relocate the Hillingdon Outdoor Activities Centre (HOAC) because of the HS2 rail service will force the facility to close , getwestlondon can reveal. The suggestion to move the centre to Buckinghamshire from its current home in Denham was put forward a year ago, but the Department for Transport (DfT) announced on Thursday (September 20) it had been abandoned. In the wake of the decision, HOAC management has written to the Transport Secretary Chris Grayling to say the centre will close before HS2 work starts if…

Government urged to think again over revised HS2 route through Doncaster​

25 October, 2016

doncaster Transport Minister Chris Grayling has been urged to ‘think again’ about the planned HS2 route through South Yorkshire. Doncaster MP Ed Miliband met with Mr Grayling on Monday, armed with objection letters and petitions from people who will be affected by the intended new route. Rhonda Job, chair of the Joint Rural Parishes in the west of Doncaster which is campaigning against the revised HS2 route, said: “We hope, this will in some way, convey the same message that we…

HS2 Phase One Tunnel information​

25 October, 2016

train tunnel Dear High Speed Two (HS2) Limited, Please provide the following information for each tunnel on Phase One :- 1. The bored diameter and finished internal diameter for bored tunnels. 2. The finished internal size of cut & cover tunnels and the volume of spoil that needs to be excavated. 3. The finished internal diameter and excavated volume of each ventilation shaft. 4. The cooling capacity of each ventilation shaft. 5. The total construction cost of the bare tunnel including all…

A third runway for Heathrow means the original justification for HS2 heads for the departure lounge​

25 october, 2016

heathrow panorama Today’s announcement by the Government on airport expansion removes the central argument that sparked the case for HS2. The high-speed rail project came out of the Labour Government in the aftermath of its decision not to proceed with a third runway at Heathrow. Along came the 2010 General Election and to many people’s amazement the Coalition Government picked up the batton and ran with it. With its Heathrow spur and direct link between HS1/HS2 it was a “breakfast in Birmingham,…

Opinion: if it goes ahead HS2 should not run into Euston​

24 october, 2016

euston station lines London Euston station can be a very hard station to like. While other London transport hubs like St. Pancras, King’s Cross and Paddington have light and airy feels, Euston’s 1960’s rebuild feels like another world. After being rebuilt in the 1960’s to a brutalist architecture style, it often feels closed and claustrophobic. Certainly, its fairly grim colour scheme also doesn’t help. It would be a good thing to see renovation occur. At first glance, the High Speed 2 rail project…

HS2 – costs went up and now we know what’s to blame​

24 October, 2016

????????????????????????????????????????? On the Andrew Marr Show on Sunday, Chris Grayling gave the reason why the cost of HS2 had gone up from £33bn to £56bn – more tunnelling in the Chilterns. The Secretary of State referred to the cost of additional amelioration resulting from the whingeing Bucks folk. Well, at least now we know. It was all part of the Government’s grand scheme to minimise the environmental impact of HS2. He may be new to the post but Mr Grayling seems…

Design at HS2​

24 October, 2016

hs2 ltd Given the scale and importance of HS2, every design task is critical. Everything that we create is designed and every design discipline is covered in our interpretation of design, which is set out in the HS2 Design Vision. Contents Design Vision Independent Design Panel HS2’s principle objective is ’to design and deliver an integrated system which fulfils the requirements of the Sponsor, Stakeholders and the internal HS2 transport programme.’ This will be fulfilled by embedding the Design Vision into HS2 design…

Ed Miliband Takes Doncaster’s HS2 Views To Transport Secretary Ed Miliband Takes Doncaster’s HS2 Views To Transport Secretary​

24 October, 2016

ed miliband Doncaster North MP Ed Miliband is meeting with Transport Secretary Chris Grayling this afternoon. Mr Miliband will be urging the Transport Secretary to change the route plan back to the original one. It's after residents in Mexborough, Sprotborough and Marr have been campaigning against the station being in Sheffield - rather than at Meadowhall. A final decision on the route is expected to be made next month. TRAXFM

HS2 Proposed platform height​

23 October, 2016

rail link Dear Hs2 Limited 1. What height is HS2 specifying for the height of platforms for:- a) captive trains; b) classic compatible trains? 2. Please could you provide the following documents:- a) CCD Design & Ergonomics Ltd. 2014. Passenger Boarding and Dwell Time Research Report P02. eB. 15 04 2014. P02. [C240-PBR-HF-REP-000-000004]. b) Design Triangle. Train Parameters Study, Design Triangle. eB. P03. [HS2-HS2-OP-REP-000-000002]. c) HS2 Ltd. 2014. D5 - Inclusive design policy. 2014. d) HS2 Ltd. 2012. HS2 Project Dictionary P02.4.…

HS2 Lords Select Committee – 24 October​

23 October, 2016

parliament exterior 4 Petitioner Session High Speed Rail (London - West Midlands) Bill (Lords) - Oral Evidence Session High Speed Rail (London - West Midlands) BillTime: 2.00pm Location: Room 4, Palace of Westminster
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