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HS2 Phase 2 B Route Summary – Updated

30 December, 2106

train bridge 2

According to the latest Route Engineering Report, the M18 Eastern route from Marston to Leeds covers approximately 105 miles. If you are unlucky enough to live anywhere near the route, and it goes ahead as planned, you are in for some serious inconvenience and despair.

The route from Marston to Leeds will resemble some sort of comic theme park once all the 32 viaducts have been erected, some of which are over a mile in length and sit some 25m above ground level.

If you don’t live near the route, but travel along any of the 42 roads that are going to be decimated during construction you might want to consider filling in your Route Consultation Form. Unless you live within 300m of the track side you cannot claim any compensation for property blight, noise, vibration or the fact that the road you drive on to work everyday has just disappeared for next five years.

Some B roads will be closed completely and numerous A road will be realigned. Bridges will be erected and some roads will be be raised up or lowered to accommodate the gravy train as it passes through at up to 400km/h.

Those of you that use the motorways on a regular basis are also in for a big shock.

The M42 and the M1 will resemble a war zone where they intersect with the rail construction areas. Complex works, extensive temporary motorways works, the M1 realigned and junctions extensively reconfigured are all phrases that you will find in the HS2 documentation. Not to mention the numerous viaducts that HS2 are planning to construct above our motorways.

The only thing you will not see a lot of is tunnelling as HS2 are planning only 3 of them because they cost a lot more than building the line straight through some poor sods back yard.

To see if your area is going to be affected, check out the route summary here.

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