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Key Info

This section of the website sets out key information relating to HS2. The main areas are –

Select Committee

This section sets out the key stages in the Transport Select Committee’s consideration of high speed rail, including the submissions and evidence given by 51m.

Responses to consultation

This section sets out the Buckinghamshire Councils’ responses to the consultation exercises that have been carried out to date.


In challenging the case for HS2 51m is joined by a large number of professional bodies, independent national organisations, institutes and leading experts on transport and economic issues. This section covers the principal areas that are fundamental to measure the extent to which HS2 meets the stated claims for the project that are put forward by the Department for Transport and HS2 Ltd.

Community Forums

Following the Secretary of State’s decision to proceed with High Speed 2, a number of community and planning forums were set up by HS2 Ltd along the proposed route between London and Birmingham. As details of what is proposed are put forward it is essential that all the communities affected make their views known. 51m will endeavour to provide as much information as possible to assist this process. The Forums section will be used as an information source in this respect. Click on the relevant Community Forum.

Other Data Sources

Rights of Way Maps

Useful Links

This section sets out details of where to find further information about HS2 and relevant organisations and public bodies.

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