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Responses to consultation

This section sets out the Buckinghamshire Councils’ responses to the consultation exercises that have been carried out to date.

HS2 Phase 1 Environmental Statement Consultation – February 2014

To read the 51m final response to the Environmental Statement Consultation click on the following link 51m Final ES Consultation Response – 27 February 2014.

To read the Bucks Councils final response click on the following link Buckinghamshire Councils ES final response HS2 Phase 1

To read the Legal Advice on the Noise Impact Assessment click on the following link Legal advice Noise-1

51m Response to the Phase 2 Consultation (Y Route)

To read the response to the HS2 Phase 2 Consultation on the Route from the West Midlands to Manchester, Leeds and beyond click on hs2 Y consultation response final

Environmental Impact Assessment Consultation – 51m response

51m has submitted its response to the HS2 Ltd EIA Scope and Methodology Report Consultation.
To read the 51m Response document click here
Appendix 1 – Impact Matrix click here, Significance Matrix click here, Suggested Methodology click here.

To read the response from The Wildlife Trusts click here.

Draft Environmental Statement Consultation – responses

The responses were compiled by Buckinghamshire County and District officers who would like to thank residents and other organisations for submitting comments and helping to shape the responses. We hope that they reflect the local issues and concerns and will inform the final Environmental Statement which will be produced and submitted with the Government’s Hybrid Bill at the end of the year.

Covering letter from 51m click here
Response from 51m click here
Covering letter from Buckinghamshire Councils on the Design Refinement Statement click on Bucks Councils Response to Design Refinement Consultation Covering Letter
Response from Buckinghamshire Councils on the Design Refinement Statement click on Buckinghamshire Response design refinement
Covering letter from Buckinghamshire Councils on the Draft Enivironmental Statement click here
Buckinghamshire Councils Response Volume 1 click here
Buckinghamshire Councils Response on the Draft Code of Contractors Practice click here
Buckinghamshire Councils Response Volume 2 Route Wide Effects click here

Baseline Environmental Audit for HS2 Route through Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire County Council has updated the audit work carried out by the Authority to inform the 2011 consultation into HS2. Aligning to a methodology previously used by consultants employed to undertake research for HS1 proposals in Kent, a buffer of 1 km has been used in this assessment to provide an indication of potential impacts. For the route, a baseline environmental audit has been undertaken using accurate route and earth work data provided directly by High Speed Two Ltd.

To read the audit report click on the link below..

Baseline Environment Assessment

Consultation Exercise 2011 – the 51m submission

The Government’s consultation closed on 29 July, 2011. 51m submitted a formal response to the Department for Transport/HS2 Ltd.

To see the 51m response please click here hs2response

Appendix 1 The Scope for Growth on the Existing Network – click on App 1

Appendix 2 Review of the Economic Case for HS2 – click on App 2

Appendix 3 Independent Review of the Business/Economic Case – click on App 3

Appendix 4 HS2 Route Capacity and Reliability – click on App 4

Appendix 5 Local & Regional Impacts of High Speed Rail in the UK click on – App 5

Appendix 6 Carbon Impacts of HS2 – click on App 6

Appendix 7 Freight Capacity Issues – click on App 7

Appendix 8 Capacity and Service Disbenefits – clcik on App 8

Appendix 9 Imapcts on the Great Western Main Line – click on  App 9

Appendix 10 Disruption to Existing Services During Construction – click on App 10

Appendix 11 Links to Heathrow – click on App 11

Appendix 12 HS1/HS2 Connection- click on App 12

Appendix 13 Assessment of Sustainability Overview – click on App 13

Appemdix 14 Government Policy and HS2 – click on App 14

Appendix 15 Alternative Transport Priorities to HS2 in the North – clcik on App 15

Appendix 16 Lessons from other Major Transport Projects – click on App 16

Appendix 17 West Midlands – London Review of Alternatives – click on App 17

Appendix 18 Acoustics Review – click on  App 18


Briefing Note – October, 2011

51m produced a briefing note on HS2 highlighting the key issues about the project. To read it please click here



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