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Select Committee

This section sets out the key stages in the Transport Select Committee’s consideration of high speed rail, including the submissions and evidence given by 51m.

Hybrid Bill Third Reading (March, 2016) – to read the transcript click here

Hybrid Bill Select Committee (February, 2106) – transcript of final session click here

Hybrid Bill Select Committee (February, 2106) – Second Special Report of 2015/16 click here

Response by the Transport Secretary to the recommendations of the Transport Select Committee (January, 2012)

To read the report click here.

Transport Select Committee Report (November, 2011)

To read the report click here.

Oral Evidence Sessions (June to September, 2011)

Consideration by the Transport Select Committee included five oral evidence sessions which took place between 21 June and 13 September. Click on the respective links below to read transcripts of the evidence given at each session.

21 June
Click here

28 June
Click here

12 July
Click here

6 September
Click here

13 September
Click here

The report of the Transport Select Committee was published in November, 2011, click on the website link below to read it -

Transport Select Committee website
Click here

51m Submission to the Transport Select Committee by 51m (May, 2011)

Download pdf of the Overview

Chapter 1 – Optimised Alternative to HS2 – The Scope for Growth on the Existing Network
Download pdf of Chapter 1

Chapter 2 – Economic and Business Case
Download pdf of Chapter 2

Chapter 3 – Lessons from other Major Transport Projects
Download pdf of Chapter 3

Chapter 4 – HS2 Route Capacity and Reliability
Download pdf of Chapter 4

Chapter 5 – Local and Regional Impacts of High Speed Rail in the UK
Download pdf of Chapter 5

Chapter 6 – Carbon Impacts of HS2
Download pdf of Chapter 6

Chapter 7 – Freight Capacity Issues
Download pdf of Chapter 7

Chapter 8 – Capacity and Service Disbenefits
Download pdf of Chapter 8

Chapter 9 – Impacts on Great West Main Line
Download pdf of Chapter 9

Chapter 10 – Disruption to Existing Services During Construction
Download pdf of Chapter 10

Chapter 11 – Links to Heathrow
Download pdf of Chapter 11

Chapter 12 – HS2/HS1 Connection
Download pdf of Chapter 12

Chapter 13 – Environmental Impacts
Download pdf of Chapter 13

Chapter 14 – Government Policy and HS2
Download pdf of Chapter 14

Chapter 15 – Alternative Transport Priorities in the North
Download pdf of Chapter 15


On 26 June, 2013 the House of Commons voted to give a Second Reading to the paving bill for High Speed 2, which now proceeds to the Committee Stage.

High Speed Rail (Preparation) Bill

The following details are set out for your information:

High Speed Rail (Preparation) Bill Page

High Speed Rail (Preparation) Bill (PDF)

High Speed Rail (Preparation) Bill Explanatory Notes

The Committee Proceedings

9 July (1 & 2 sittings)
11 July ( 3 & 4 sittings)
16 July (5 & 6 sittings)
18 July ( 7 sitting)

To read the transcripts and written submissions click here.

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