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51m will continue to provide up-to date information on Mitigation issues to assist the communities and individuals affected by HS2. Much work is being done by the local authorities to reduce the impact of the project wherever possible.

Mitigation details – January, 2016

To view details of the agreed mitigation measures click on the following link - Mitigation details january 2016

Valuing Property Blight: an Options Analysis – July 2015

HS2 Action Alliance has published Valuing Property Blight: an Options Analysis. To read it click on the following link Paper-on-Property-Blight-by-HS2AA

Property & Compensation Consultation

The Judicial Review into HS2 has decided that plans to compensate 300,000 homeowners over the rail scheme were unlawful and the Goverment must now re-run the consultation process.

To visit the compensation section at the HS2 Ltd website click here.

To read the covering letter for the response submitted by 51m click here. To read the response document click here.

Property Compensation Consultation

To read the response submitted by by 51m click on 51m Final Draft Property Compensation Consultation

To read the response submitted by Buckinghamshire County Council click on BCC Property Compensation Consulation 2013

Buckinghamshire’s Mitigation Blueprint for HS2

To read the Buckinghamshire Mitigation Blueprint for HS2 click on the following link HS2 ES blueprint 24Feb14

To read the background to the document click here

To read an overview of the document click here

Blight and Compensation

Following the Secretary of State’s announcement to proceed with H2S, guidance has been issued by The Department for Transport relating to Blight and Compensation. Click here to go to relevant section on the Department’s website to access the current information on these issues.

An introduction to HS2 Ltd’s approach to managing noise

To read the report published in September, 2012 click here.

Noise Mitigation

Buckinghamshire County Council commissioned the Transport Research Laboratory to produce some practical guides on noise and noise mitigation. The County Council also wanted to get an idea of whole life costs. The following Factsheets have now been published to help those affected by HS2.

Factsheet 1 – Railway Noise Overview click here.
Factsheet 2 – Full Heigh Noise Barriers click here
Factsheet 3 – Low height Noise Barriers click here
Factsheet 4 - Tunnels click here
Factsheet 5 – Earth Berms and Cuttings click here
Factsheet 6 – Viaducts and Bridges click here

Briefing Notes

The following briefing notes have been published by Buckinghamshire County Council

Ecology – to read the note click here.
Landscaping – to read the note click here.
Rights of Way – to read the note click here.
Socio-economic – to read the note click here.
Water resources – to read the note click here

Towards a Code of Construction Practice

To read the Community Forums document published in, 2012 by HS2 Ltd click here

Review of HS2 Route through Bucks – Engineering and Landscape Impact

To read the report produced by Jacobs on the impact of HS2 through Buckinghamshire, published in August, 2012 click here .

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