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HS2 heads into 2017​

31 December, 2016

white elephant For HS2 2017 will see the time when shovels finally go into action. It marks the end of the beginning for the project. For many communities, the reality will be arriving shortly at the high-speed platform. Since its approval in January, 2012 HS2 has been a constant factor in our lives. But as far as the mega-scheme is concerned, constancy is not always a good thing In the five years since the go ahead was given, the business case has…

HS2 reveal plans to plant seven million trees along the route from London to Birmingham​

30 December, 2016

staffs viaduct HS2 Limited have revealed their plans to plant seven million trees along the the Phase 1 route from London to Birmingham. The route, which cuts diagonally through mush of Buckinghamshire, including the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is expected to be given the go-ahead by Parliament in early 2017. The seven million trees and shrubs planted will create 650 hectares of new woodland and is being used to replace lost woodland and create 'green corridors' linking isolated wooded areas.…

HS2 Phase 2 B Route Summary – Updated​

30 December, 2106

train bridge 2 According to the latest Route Engineering Report, the M18 Eastern route from Marston to Leeds covers approximately 105 miles. If you are unlucky enough to live anywhere near the route, and it goes ahead as planned, you are in for some serious inconvenience and despair. The route from Marston to Leeds will resemble some sort of comic theme park once all the 32 viaducts have been erected, some of which are over a mile in length and sit some 25m above ground level. If…

UK Government urged to address concerns about high speed rail route asap​

27 December, 2016

train mini Uncertainty about the final route for the high speed rail route going north in England has caused concern for home owners and buyers, new research shows. The conveyancing industry is calling on the Government to address the concerns as soon as possible in 2017 with little confidence so far in the consultation process. Almost half of property conveyancers in the UK believe that the consultation for the changed HS2 high speed rail route has been poor, with 14% saying it…

Politicians slam latest HS2 report as peers recommend AGAINST large-scale changes for Bucks​

27 December, 2106

parliament exterior 4 Amewrsham and Chesham MP Cheryl Gillan and independent Chiltern Disctrict Councillor for Great Missenden Seb Berry have expressed their dismay that the House of Lords HS2 Select Committee Special Report plans for HS2 did not recommend any further large-scale changes. The 130 page report, published on December 15, recommended against a further extension to the Chilterns tunnel, the movement of the haul road at Great Missenden, and an independent review of tunnel costings. Mrs Gillan said: “I was disappointed that no significant changes were recommended…

Christmas message: Cheryl Gillan MP – ‘2016 was the year of politics by paradox’​

25 December, 2016

cheryl gillan 6 Chesham and Amersham MP Cheryl Gillan writes: 2016 was really the year of politics by paradox. If you remember the American politician who said “There are known knowns and unknown knowns” – well, this year made that pronouncement seem crystal clear in comparison. It is a year when democracy reasserted itself in a way that may have felt unfamiliar but which was innately true to the long history of parliamentary democracy. It was a practical demonstration that people matter and…

Mid Cheshire Against HS2 claims mandate for opposing high speed rail plans​

23 December, 2016

line laying Anti-HS2 campaigners say the number of people who attended a public meeting showed the ‘massive groundswell’ of opposition to the whole project. The claim by Graham Dellow from Mid Cheshire Against HS2 follows a meeting over changes to the planned route for the high speed rail link. The meeting took place at Winsford Academy, and was organised by Eddisbury MP Antoinette Sandbach following the announcement on November 15 of the modified route through Mid Cheshire of Phase 2 of HS2. “The…

HS2 vanity project is an establishment folly too far​

23 December, 2016

white elephant If you wanted to present one iconic example of the kind of extravagant folly that demonstrates the stupidity, verging on certifiable lunacy, that afflicts those who govern us, you could not ask for a more powerful illustration than the aberration that is the High Speed Rail Link from London to Birmingham (HS2). It has been with us for a decade, though only on paper, and the evolution even of that notional project should have alerted any sane individual to the…

HS2 and local connectivity​

23 December, 2106

money The connectivity gains to be achieved by HS2 were not included in the project's budget of £56bn. What is included is known, in HS2 speak, as the core programme. Unfunded elements are known as wider programme benefits. As far as one aspect of the wider programme benefits in the West Midlands is concerned, we are beginning to have an idea of the scale of additional expenditure that taxpayers will have to find. The Devolution Deal for the region has a…

The case for proper HS2 compensation is overwhelming​

22 December, 2016

train pic 5 Lord Walker describes his select committee’s recommendation to extend a modified version of the Voluntary Purchase Scheme to 1,300 households in Camden as one of “great general importance”. The question is whether the government will now implement this “strong recommendation”. There are three elements to the committee’s proposal: first, owner-occupiers should have the right to require the government to acquire their homes at their unblighted price; secondly, such owners should have the alterative option of the cash offer, namely a…
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