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HS2 spotted drilling in protected Chalfont St Giles meadow without permission

4 November, 2016

aylesbury vale

A team from HS2 have been seen drilling a protected piece of land without permission.

Engineers, heavy duty equipment, drilling rigs and trucks were spotted working on Stone Meadow, Chalfont St Giles, around two weeks ago despite Chiltern District Council only agreeing for them to conduct a non-intrusive test there.

Campaign group Save St Giles drew Chiltern District Council‘s attention, who then asked the team to shut down work and move immediately, which they did.

HS2 are now believed to be submitting permission more suited to the exploratory drilling work they want to conduct.

The group say the new route through the village was finalised without any geological testing of the ground for the proposed site.

And it comes just a few days ahead of a Hose of Lords Select Committee meeting where Save St Giles will speak.

They will appear before the committee on November November 7 to highlight concerns relating to the proposed HS2 twin bore tunnel that will run directly under the village.

We will be presenting our case to ensure that the environmental impact on our village is minimised and will propose that the current tunnel depth of 19m be increased substantially.

On their website - www.savestgiles.com, a statement reads: “We have prepared an argument in conjunction with Misbourne River Action Group to set out expectations of how the sensitive chalk stream river will be protected not only during construction but for the future.

“The original proposal set out by HS2 had a planned tunnel depth of over 100m and a direction that avoided the centre of the village, this was the version that was presented to the community at the HS2 road show in May 2011.

“The route was then changed in 2012 to incorporate the tunnel section for Amersham and meant that the tunnel was diverted to run under the centre of St Giles at a minimum depth of 19m.

We believe that we have evidence, based on expert opinion, to suggest that this depth is not sufficient and could have severe consequences for our village.”


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