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The Minister for Transport has decided to press ahead with HS2, but that is not the end of the challenge for 51m.

Whether the project becomes a reality or not is a matter for Parliament to decide, and that will depend upon the outcome of MPs voting on the Hybrid Bill, expected to go before the House of Commons in 2013/14.

So, there is still much individuals can do by writing to your MP, expressing your views and explaining your reasons for those views – and encouraging your friends and family members to do the same.

Only by hearing your views, can your local MP know what his or her constituents feel about any topic. HS2 is the biggest and most expensive engineering project ever proposed in this country, and it has implications for every household and taxpayer.

MPs receive a great deal of mail, so when writing, try to keep your letter brief and to the point, expressing your views politely – but make clear the strength of your feeling.

What you say in your letter is clearly up to you, but some general points you may wish to make are:

  • Start your letter/email by making clear that you are a local constituent and that you are concerned about the proposals for High Speed 2.
  • Ask whether the environmental impact of HS2 been properly considered and if so what is the cost?
  • State that you don’t think HS2 is good value for money
  • Indicate that there is no evidence that HS2 will close the north/south divide
  • Ask ‘whether HS2 is the best or only way of getting the capacity we need?’
  • Ask ‘whether HS2 really is the greenest transport alternative?’
  • Ask ‘do we really need HS2 to catch up with other countries?’
  • Ask your MP if he/she would meet with you to discuss the proposals and your concerns.

Clearly, you should always be polite and courteous to your MP, irrespective of how strong your feelings are. MPs also receive a lot of correspondence, so it is best to try and keep your letter as short as possible whilst still making all of the points you wish to cover.

It is very easy to write your MP using the ‘Contact Your Politician’ facility below. Just enter your postcode and follow the instructions.

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